Series of either documentary videos or other longer projects. In general, more factual content than most of the more entertainment and game focused projects on the other pages.

All videos are narrated in Finnish and subtitled in Finnish and English. Remember to also go and subscribe to my Youtube channel to catch the newest videos when they are published.


Cover of Tiesiks episode about the castles of Turku.

Tiesiks (“Did you know”) is a video series about interesting places, people, events and stories in or related to Finland.

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Kahden kielen päällä

The video cover for Kahden kielen päällä episode

This series investigates the municipalities in Finland where the Finnish name and the Swedish name are very different and tries to answer why. The name of this series is a pun too, “On the tip of two tongues”.

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I am a fan of motor sports and so is most of Finland. Back in the day there were several street circuits were races would happen annually but have since been mostly forgotten. In this series I try to go find these circuits, tell about their history and see how they look today.

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