Shorts and films

Enjoy some of the more artistic films from my past. Some of them are still good, most of them are not, but at least they are watchable here instead of rotting in a hard drive somewhere. Give some of these videos some slack, though, I was younger back then.

Most, if not all, of the films are visible on Youtube which makes watching them way more easier. Also, I used to do embed videos on this page but the page loads so much faster

Ugly tree

An animation about the ugliest tree in the woods. Written by brilliant Dylan Jones, narrated by fantastic Kimberly Grice.

There are two versions, other one being narrated in Finnish by me. I am also responsible of the translation.

Watch it here
Katso suomeksi


A trailer for the graduation from my school. That was coming. Maybe.

Small film created in a long afternoon but it is a

Watch it here

Riverside stories

A film project with overlapping stories happening around Tammerkoski river in Tampere. There are 9 videos + a trailer in the playlist.

Watch them here


Short film that narrates about feelings and reactions about (at the time of writing) the ongoing global bastard.

Watch it here

Garbage box stories

A series of small pointless shorts and stories from the time I lived in the Netherlands. Good times. Different times.

Watch them here