Toys and tools

Here are some of the web tools and toys I’ve created. Hopefully they are useful to you… or at least something fun to play with.


Ever wondered how many days in Pokemon two days are from each other? Well wonder no more, Poke-calculator is here to help!

Based on the concept of “Tänään jäljellä Pokemon” (“Days Left Pokemon”) popular in the Finnish conscript service, where number of days left in one’s conscript service is given in Pokemon based on their number. Simple, eh?

Go have a see and a giggle.

See it here

Hangouts Eurovision

I am a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, mostly because of the ridiculousness of it all. However, in 2020 some global neusense prevented the show from happening and left us wondering who would have won the show.

So I built a tool where people could vote for their favorite countries in Eurovision points style. It’s wonderful and colourful.

Link coming soon